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Dawson produces television shows, commercials, show pilots, show bibles, business plans, budgets and is a distribution show runner with a focus on getting the project on air. Each client has a different need and he supports him or her with a strong plan to get the goals completed.

Dawson's Producers Resume

Here are some projects he is working on and completed:

Imagine: The Road Unridden, TV Show (Executive Producer 2008-09)

Design Miami/ 2007, Design Show Promotional Commercial (Producer / Director / Editor 2007-08)

Wheels Boutique, Automotive TV / Web Commercial (Producer 2007)

Peeper's Adventure, Children's 3D Animated TV Show (Producer 2005-07)

El Rey 2, El Rey 1, Motorcycle TV Show Pilot (Executive Producer 2005)

25th Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, TV Commercial (Producer 2005)

7th Brazilian Film Festival, TV Commercial (Producer 2004)

Tootsie, Music Video, Voiumen Cero; Warner Music (Producer / Editor 2003)

Celula, Music Video, Voiumen Cero; Warner Music (Producer 2003)

PBFD Child Safety Seats, TV Commercial (Director / Editor 2002)

Daryl Jones for Florida Governor, TV and Radio Campaign (Executive Producer 2002)

Grand Tour, Automotive TV Show Pilot (Executive Producer / Director / Editor 2000)

Adventures in Dreamtime, Children's 3D Animated TV Show Pilot (Executive Producer 1999)

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